Frequently Asked Questions

Dear customers, you are always free to contact our consultants and to get detailed information about all of our professional cleaning services in London, as well as about our cleaning company. Below, though, we present you the top FAQs that we usually receive from our clients. See if you find the answer to your question now.

Q. How do you form the price?

Some of our domestic and commercial services in London are with fixed prices. But most of the offers we have are hourly based. Depending on the duration for each procedure, we give you a certain free quotation before appointing a visitation by the cleaners or the technicians. The price is with VAT included, with no hidden fees and we can offer you providing professional detergents at small fees for specific services.

Q. What if your working schedule does not suit to mine?

Do not worry, our professional cleaning company in London is flexible and understanding. We are always happy to meet your needs and to suit your personal or professional schedule. In addition to this, we work 365 days per year – with no exceptions for weekends or holidays.

Q. What do I have to do before the service?

You are not obliged to do anything. In case we need some measures to be taken – like taking the kids out (if order pest control service in London) – we will instruct you in advance. Generally, our technicians and cleaners handle the entire procedure, including the preparation for the service: they move the furniture for better access, they bring the entire professional cleaning equipment and they will always inform you how to behave right after it is done. What we usually require from a customer is just some free parking space near the property (especially if order windows cleaning service) so we can park our van with our modern equipment.

Q. Are the cleaners and technicians reliable?

You can 100% rely on both: the expert technicians and professional cleaners in London. They are well-trained, educated and prepared for any situation. We always hire only skilful and really talented workers. Additionally, we provide them proper qualification and possibilities to learn and adapt faster and precisely to our missions, principles and basic cleaning services. The cleaners and technicians are trustworthy, but also fully vetted and insured. We cover damages, losses and other faults during procedure in case a cleaner or technician is guilty.

Q. What if I give up from the service, will I pay a penalty fee?

Dear customers, none of our cleaning services is bound with obligatory subscriptions or contract – excluding the regular domestic cleaning service in London that you can suspend at any convenient for you time. If you decide not to use an arranged service by us, notify is 24h beforehand. We will cancel it for free. Note that if the visitation time is the cancellation reason, inform our customer support representatives for it. They will re-schedule the service for you simply, quickly and at zero cost.

Q. Are you cleaning method safe?

RDA Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd. is a certified and officially legalised cleaning company. All of the services we offer are researched and tested by the national authorities. We also conclude our job to all the latest EU clauses and laws regarding the cleaning industry. We use only green and harmless cleaning products, machinery and tools. All the services are pet-, kid- and environment-friendly.

For additional questions, please, give us a call on this phone number 020 3404 1646 right away!