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We have been delivering great services since the day our company was established. With the time we have won many regular clients, in the private and industrial sectors. No need to take our word for granted. Read some of the carpet cleaning reviews we have received, published on this page. And for instant bookings or more information about our service, call 020 3404 1646 now!

Reviewed by Susan Summers on Apr 14, 2016

When I first contacted the company I was a bit sceptical. But in the end, they did manage to remove the stains from my sofa.

Reviewed by Elizabeth J. on Jan 17, 2016

It is amazing how a single person can really go from fixing a pipe to wiring my lights. I'm grateful for their help. Worth every penny!

Reviewed by James Davies on Sep 18, 2015

I needed help with fixing some of my power outlets in the kitchen. Since I have no idea about electricity I decided to call the company and use their handyman services. It all turned out great!

Reviewed by Saif Bilal on Mar 24, 2015

We needed help with disposing of some of our rubbish in the garage. The lads at first looked a little fearsome but they did an OK job.

Reviewed by Phil Reynolds on Oct 12, 2014

Our old wooden floor needed some refurbishment so we decided to hire professionals. Nowadays it looks like its almost brand new. I'm happy with the service they've provided.

Reviewed by Lintah on Aug 14, 2014

We did have a bit of problem in the beginning. The Handyman that they send us has forgotten one of his screwdrivers. It took him five minutes to return to the van. But after that, it was a good job.

Reviewed by Eric Morris on Apr 3, 2014

We had some re-decorating done in our living room and ended up with a lot of garbage. So we decided to call someone to do the cleaning. When we came back in it was like brand new. Great company. Strongly recommend their services.

Reviewed by Michael W. on Sep 26, 2013

Our windows have been gathering filth for years now. But since they were on the third floor we only managed to clean them from the inside. Now I don’t really know what kind of water those guys used but the view is crystal clear. It's like watching HD on a 70” TV.

Reviewed by John Hunt on Jan 30, 2011

Well, good old clumsy me spilt some coffee on the living room carpet. It was a nasty big black stain. Couldn’t remove it with anything so I decided to hire professional help. I don’t know what they did all I remember was that this steam machine was really loud, but it got the work done. Now the carpet is like brand new.

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